Afrobeat vs Hip Hop; Differences and Comparison

Afrobeat and Hip hop are music genres that started out in Africa and have evolved globally into popular music forms, afrobeat originated in Nigeria in the 1960’s and is a combination of traditional African music with a touch of jazz, funk. The songs have an energetic, yet appealing rhythm. The majority of afrobeat songs lack an outright politically meaningful content but love, relationship, success in one’s life, partying, and little light subjects are frequently used in the lyrics of afrobeat songs. Start listening Here to Fela Kuti, Davido, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy, Teni, Yemi Alade, Rema and Wizkid to gain a feel for the sounds and lyrics of afrobeat music. 

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Afrobeat vs Hiphop And thier Differences

Afrobeat is known for its traditional African melodious fuses with western elements, its danceable beats with high energy performance and steps, history, stories and reflections that are relatable in its lyrics.

On the other hand, Hip hop started out effectively in New York in the 1970’s and is composed by rapping, beatboxing and djing, rhythmic freestyling and base lines that have been sampled from records or created from synthesized pulses and tones are additional components. Hip hop, though frequently, is used to refer to rapping only, and most people describe it as the whole genre of hip hop. Hip hop includes other aspects and tunes. Listen to Tupac Shakur, Jay-z, Kendrick Lamar Here for an example of hip hop culture.

Afrobeat vs Hiphop and their differences


Both genres have a significant impact in popular cultures and they continuously influence musicians around the world, they are subjective and depend on your taste. Afrobeat and hip hop have their special qualities and significance and when it comes to which is better it depends on your personal taste and preference.

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