The Impacts Of Technology To The Music Industry

There are a lot of positive impacts of technology to musical industry especially to promotions, regarding to talented artists who are trying to get their talent seen. The use of technology however has a positive role to play in the success of certain artists. 

Effective Targeting: Technology has provided and made it better for artists and marketers to target specific people and specific locations with the effect of promotional efforts.

Real Time Interaction: Technology has enabled a real time interaction between artists and fans which gives room for more personal and positive conversation which would provide different opportunities for a direct engagement and feedback.

Better Reach: Technology made it easier, and stress free for artists to reach wider audiences through many mediums, such as social media, blogs, streaming services and music websites. Like Youtube, Spotify, Naijafinix e.t.c. You could even place promotion posts on these different mediums for a more diverse reach.

Cost Effective: Music promotions have been made cost effective by technology and the internet compared to old or traditional methods of promotion. Such as television or radio broadcasting, as artists now can reach a large number of people through digital channels (listed above in 3) with little or relatively low cost compared to the traditional methods.

Social Media: Artists can reach out to fans and connect with more people through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and twitter so as to promote their upcoming shows or album.


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